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About Us
Kenneth A. Carlson"I have successfully handled over $100M in capital projects for Clients
in the Food and Vegetable Oils industries"
   Kenneth A. Carlson, President & founder 
As a Consulting Engineer, Ken Carlson has over 30 years of "hands on" Manufacturing Process Design and Operational expertise in the Foods and Vegetable Oils industries.  He is actively involved as a Director,
Central New Jersey Chapter of Aiche and
longstanding member of AOCS.  
Carlson Consulting Engineers, LLChas participated in numerous trade shows and has supported AOCS and Aiche in their efforts over many years.
Perhaps you are in need of a review and report for debottlenecking and increasing production at your facility? Typically, we get many requests for overviews of what is needed in the early stages of working with a new or existing Client.  Maybe you are in need of a "troubleshooter" on call to consult your people and help to resolve issues?  Ken is available to "brainstorm" with you on these matters.  Our Clients can attest to our successful handling of their projects and their satisfaction with the services that we have rendered.
"I look forward to the opportunity to be of service to you and your company in providing
beneficial results".  Kenneth A. Carlson
Our Fat & Oils Client list includes many recognizable companies ... 
Loders Croklaan, Aarhus Karlsham, Agstrong, Lonza, PVO International, Proctors & Gamble.  
In addition, our Seed & Nut Clients includeCalifornia Nut Oil, Blue GrassFarms, JG Boswell, Pearl Crop, Valley Oils and growing ... 
Our Services are available in the United States, Canada and overseas as well. 
Carlson Consulting Engineers, Llc is a fully insured company.
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